Driving Lessons in Fleetwood


Choosing the Right Driving Lessons Fleetwood.

It’s easy to put off learning to drive. You may not have the time or the money, or you may be nervous about getting behind the wheel. There may also be no convenient driving school with a good reputation close to you. Maybe the thought of endless lessons over months may seem tedious before you’ve even begun. It's a good job that The L Factory driving school is right on your doorstep. The L Factory for driving lessons Fleetwood could be what you need. We offer 2hr lessons to help you pass quicly.

 Areas Covered

The L Factory driving school covers the Fylde coast including the  Fleetwood area and offers lessons starting at just £19.50. Ideal for those who aren’t sure about getting behind the wheel as we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not completely satisfied. Our fully qualified Grade A  instructors will give you the driving bug and the confidence to learn and pass your driving test at your own pace. Don’t have time to spare and need to pass yesterday? For the committed driver an intensive course can take you from novice to pass in two weeks.



The theory test can be tricky, can’t it?

You’ve heard the phrase practice makes perfect; The L Factory Driving School in Fleetwood offers Full Access to Theory Test Pro for all our students and free sample online theory tests  for you to try right now. All the questions are only so constantly updated with the newest questions and Hazard Perception Test videos.  So by the time you sit the paper it’s a breeze.

In fact, there’s a wealth of online study material, including the Highway Code, free driving lesson plans and even tests for hazard perception. So what are you waiting for?. Don’t settle for any old driving school, pass with the best, conveniently right on your doorstep and serving the whole Fylde Coast Area as well as Fleetwood.

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The Choice is Yours

The choice for your local driving lessons in Fleetwood is where your journey starts. Learning to drive and finding the right Fleetwood Driving School  can seem a difficult task to some.  So if you’re looking for Driving Lessons Fleetwood or anywhere in the Fylde area then you have come to the right place.

At The L Factory Driving School our aim is to help you throughout the learning process, make it enjoyable and importantly make it as affordable as possible. Our superb pass rates and our fantastic base of recommendations makes us by far the best driving school to choose in Fleetwood.

Karen Smith Owner of The L Factory understands that learning to drive can be a huge step. Even if you’ve passed your test with another instructor, a little time spent away from the wheel might deter you from starting again. Getting on the road may seem daunting but it’s an essential skill that will give you greater freedom and confidence.

Countless drivers have already discovered the benefits of using The L Factory.

Choosing the L Factory driving school in Fleetwood as their first choice many students have learned to drive thanks to our friendly, professional and relaxed approach. Whatever level of skill you may or may not have, you’ll find that every member of the The L Factory team can help you to discover a confidence you didn’t realise you had.

Call or text NOW on 07891 300803 and you could be out on the road a lot sooner than you think!

Established in 1993, The L Factory Driving School made a pledge to stand apart from traditional driving schools. Inviting any person aged 17 years or over to sign up for lessons,. The company provides expert tuition for students of all abilities.

We have built our reputation through word of mouth of providing a thoroughly professional service, which includes many things including:

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Excellent Communication

Driving lessons Fleetwood is all about being given instructions and putting them into action. This is why the instructor that you have should communicate clearly and effectively for you to be able to learn well and in a way that is right for you. This is why the driving school that you chose should have professional instructors who have the skills and personal qualities to help you on your way to becoming a confident driver.

Should Be Qualified

The Fleetwood driving lessons provider that you choose should be qualifies so you can be sure you are dealing with professionals. You can even go ahead and ask for their Grade. Be sure to do some research online as driving schools without qualified instructors could be dangerous as well as time-wasting.

Reasonable Rates

A cheap driving school sounds good but may not be ideal as there may be various issues such as lack of qualified personnel and facilities. However, there are many affordable driving lessons Fleetwood providers that have everything that you would need for a great learning experience. Shop around and have a list of the most suitable providers then zero in from there.

That's not all?

To help you pass your driving test, The L Factory also offers a number of free driving theory test pages on this website which will help you during your driving lessons, crash courses and during your journey at our Fleetwood driving school. Book your driving lessons online now by calling or texting 07891300803 and we'lll get back to you asap.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of the UK’s best driving schools where you’ll be sure to pass with confidence.  Book your driving lessons with our Fleetwood based driving instructor today.


Always make sure that the driving school you eventually choose has been around for a long time, this proves to you that they must be doing something right or they wouldn't be here. A driving school that has been around for many years is more likely to have qualified and experienced instructors than a start-up.

Pass at your own convenience!

Your tuition will be carried out at a time that’s convenient to you. Because we have male and female instructors in your area we are able to provide tuition at times to suit you. Some of our driving instructors are multi lingual. Their aim is to get you through your test as quickly as possible.

Pass with The L Factory expertise and knowledge

Before you even get behind the wheel of a car, you can have a chat with us with regards to what you will be doing. With more than 20 years as an experienced ADI instructor helping and advising all manner of drivers, our teams knowledge of our driving courses, driving lessons and services is second to none.

Whether you require lessons as a complete beginner or maybe already have some experience or just want to try a single lesson, you can be certain that our friendly staff will guide you through every step of the way.

Even if you’re not quite ready to begin driving lessons or would just like to have a chat about what we have to offer, we’d love to talk to you. Give our team a call TODAY or text us on 07891 300803 and see how you can start to get your independence to Pass your Driving Test for Less.

The Choice is yours!

The choice of Driving School is a very important decision and preferably you only want to make it once. Learning to drive and finding the right Fleetwood Driving School can seem a little difficult. So if you're looking for Driving Lessons in Fleetwood and the Fylde area then you have come to the right place.

Choosing the Right Driving School in Fleetwood

Pass at your own convenience!

Your tuition will be carried out at a time that’s convenient to you. Because we have male and female instructors in your area we are able to provide tuition at times to suit you. Some of our driving instructors are also multi lingual.

Their aim is to get you through your test as quickly as possible. If passing quickly is important to you then we can also provide a tailor made Crash Course for you.