Here are some common questions I get asked.

What do you do on an intensive driving course?

An Intensive Driving Course is simply traditional driving lessons taken in a shorter time, typically ranging from a day or a few days to a few weeks. Our courses offer one-to-one tuition with a qualified driving instructor and are tailored to your individual needs.You’ll then normally get a fast-tracked practical test at the end of your course. Also we generally find that our students pass their test in fewer hours than a traditional week-by-week course, meaning the overall cost is less.

How many lessons do I need to be ready for my test?

It's difficult to put an exact number of hours, as everybody learns at a different rate. The national average is 45-50 hours of professional training, but as we all know, 'average' doesn't mean very much to us as individuals. What you can be certain of is that you will receive the best possible help to get to TEST STANDARD as quickly as you are able. Your way of learning and your needs are unique to you.

Can I practice between lessons?

Yes, you can also build up your experience by driving privately between lessons, when accompanied by a suitably qualified driver. This additional driving experience is invaluable, as a skill like driving relies on repetition.  And so as we practice, our driving becomes more natural and comfortable.

What is the minimum age for driving lessons?

In the UK, the minimum age for driving on public roads is 17 and you must have a provisional driving license. You can apply for your provisional driving license  before your 17th birthday.

The only exception to this is if you are receiving disability living (mobility) allowance at the higher rate. In this case you can apply for your provisional driving license 3 months before your 16th birthday (it will come into effect on your 16th birthday).

To apply for your provisional driving license see below.

How do I get a provisional driving licence?

Full details about applying for the provisional driving license can be found on the DirectGov website.

Where is my nearest test centre?

Here at The L Factory we normally use Blackpool or Preston Driving Test Centres. You can find a list of Test Centres for the UK here.

What about the theory test?

Details about the theory test can also be found on the DirectGov website. You can book a theory test here.

How do I book my driving test?

You can book your driving test here.

Will you also help me prepare for the theory test?

Of course, we provide whatever help you need to Pass the Theory Test. It also may be that you have not prepared for a test for many years, possibly since leaving school many years ago.There are also many online resources available. We have no affiliation or receive anything from Theory Test Pro but can highly recommend this route to prepare for the theory test.

What is 'show me / tell me'?

Show me / tell me questions were introduced to the driving test in 2003.  It involves answering two questions at the very beginning of the practical test regarding the day-to-day running of your vehicle. We can help you prepare for this part of the driving test too.

How much do the theory and practical tests cost?

A list of current fees can be found here.

Can you teach driving lessons in a foreign language?

The best thing is to contact us on 07891300803 (pref. text initially) to discuss your requirements.

Can I take lessons in my own car?

In theory it is possible BUT driving in the instructor's car with dual controls is much safer. It gives you as the learner the confidence to know that whatever happens you'll be safe. Having this peace of mind allows for a more relaxed learning environment.

Will I share my lesson with another learner?

We never expect our pupils to share lessons. You are paying for our time and you shouldn't expect anything other than a one-to-one lesson.

What are the most common reasons for failing the Driving Test?
Are there online resources to help me get ready for my test?

There are many sites online, but we find 2pass.co.uk and driving-test-success.com to be good.

Still need some help? Please don't hesitate to ask about anything!

For any other questions, please contact us on 07891 300803 or here at The L Factory.

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