Pass Plus driving lessons Blackpool

What is the Pass Plus Program?

The Pass Plus driving lessons Blackpool program is comprised of six-hour long session. Each session focusing on a different area of driver training not covered in the regular driver training. These six sessions are:

  • Introduction to town and city driving
  • Driving in different weather conditions

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    Reduce your insurance premium and get the Pass Plus certificate.

  • Out of town and country driving
  • Night time Driving Principles
  • Carriageway and high-speed Driving
  • Driving on the motorway

Reasons for taking the Pass Plus Course.

Pupils who have successfully completed the Pass Plus driving program through any North West driving schools can attain significant reductions in their car insurance through a number of insurance companies.

All of the Pass Plus instructors at The L Factory schools are fully trained and registered Pass Plus driving trainers, affording you the comfort and peace of mind that your Pass Plus training will be provided by the Driving School instructor who trained you to pass your test.

To Book a place on one of Pass Plus programs or to find out more please call 01253 845007.

Pass plus driving scheme allow's the newly qualified driver the opportunity to gain experience and confidence in a number of areas not covered during their standard driver training.

We also recommend this for drivers as a refresher style course or for those drivers who may still be a little nervous behind the wheel even though they have passed their driving test.

Pass Plus Course will certainly make you a better and more accomplished driver and unfortunately, it is quite often overlooked once people have passed their test.

Pass Plus Driving Lessons Blackpool

Pass Plus driving courses were created by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). Now the DVSA for the encouragement and assistance of both the driver training institutions and car insurance companies. More detailed information about Pass Plus lessons can be found here Pass Plus Overview

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